Best answer: How often is breast architectural distortion cancer?


Is architectural distortion common?

Indeed, architectural distortion is a common finding in retrospective assessments of false-negative mammography and may represent the earliest manifestation of breast cancer.

Should I be worried about architectural distortion?

Architectural distortion, the non-mass but potentially ominous clinical feature observed in many breast imaging procedures, is less likely to signal malignancy when it’s detected on screening mammography rather than diagnostic mammography or when it doesn’t correlate with a subsequent targeted ultrasound exam.

How often is architectural distortion cancerous?

The PPV of architectural distortion for malignancy is 74.5%. Architectural distortion is less likely to represent malignancy if detected on screening mammography than on diagnostic mammography or if there is no sonographic correlate.

Is architectural distortion early cancer?

Architectural distortion is one such localized mammographic sign of possibly early stages of breast cancer that is difficult to detect 5,6.

Can fibrocystic breast cause architectural distortion?

Sclerosing adenosis is a benign form of fibrocystic change. The mammographic appearance may include a discrete mass or focal architectural distortion29 and involve calcifications that appear similar to those seen in carcinoma.

What does no architectural distortion mean?

Architectural distortion, which refers to distortion of the breast parenchyma with no definite mass visible, can have a malignant or benign cause.

Can a cyst cause architectural distortion?

We present a case of architectural distortion caused by cyst aspiration, representing a novel, benign cause.

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