Quick Answer: Does China have high rates of lung cancer?

Is lung cancer common in China?

Nevertheless, in contrast to most Western countries, where lung cancer death rates are decreasing, lung cancer incidence rate is still increasing in China (1,2) and lung cancer is still the most common diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer related deaths in China (3) (Table 1).

How common is cancer in China?

Current cancer burden in China

According to the estimates by the GLOBOCAN 2018, about 4,285,033 new cancer cases were diagnosed in China in 2018, which included 2,366,010 males and 1,919,023 females. The crude and age-standardized incidence rates (ASIR) for all cancers were 301.1 and 201.7 per 100,000, respectively.

Which country has the lowest cancer rate?

Syria has the lowest cancer rate in the world of 85 cases per 100,000 people. Bhutan, Algeria, Nepal, and Oman followed with rates below 100.

How many people died of cancer in China?

Cancer has now become the leading cause of death in China1. According to the National Central Cancer Registry of China (NCCR), approximately 2.338 million cancer deaths occurred in 20152. Furthermore, the burden of cancer is expected to continue to increase.

What country has the highest cancer rate?

The highest cancer rate was found in Australia at 579.9 men per 100,000.

Cancer rates in men.

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Rank Country Age-standardised rate per 100,000
1 Australia 579.9
2 New Zealand 526.0
3 Ireland 430.8
4 Hungary 427.1

What is the most prevalent type of cancer in China?

Lung cancer remained the most common cancer type and the leading cause of cancer death in China. However, breast cancer became the most frequent cancer type among women if the incidence was stratified by sex. Incidences of colorectal cancer and breast cancer increased rapidly.

Do vegetarians get less cancer?

While some studies have observed that those who follow a vegetarian diet have a lower risk of developing cancer as a whole, no individual study has been able to show with enough reliability that vegetarians have a lower risk of developing specific cancers (eg colorectal cancer, breast cancer or prostate cancer).

What city has highest cancer rate?

Most Cancer-Prone City #1: Corpus Christi, TX.