Question: What cancer is behind the ear?

Can a tumor be behind the ear?

Lipoma is another possible cause of lumps behind the ear. Lipomas are harmless, fatty lumps. They are not cancerous, grow very slowly, and do not spread. They are more common on other parts of the body but can occur anywhere under the skin, including behind the ear.

What does cancer of the ear look like?

Cancers of the ear almost always start out as skin cancer. Early signs include a scaly patch of skin around the ear or tiny white bumps on the outer ear. If left untreated, cancer can spread to other areas of the body and cause serious symptoms like hearing loss, ear pain, and blood or drainage from the ear.

What causes tumors behind the ear?

Benign bony tumors of the ear canal (exostoses and osteomas) are caused by excess growth of bone. Repeated exposure to cold water may increase the risk of benign bony tumors of the ear canal.

What gland is behind your ear?

The parotid glands, the largest pair of salivary glands, lie just behind the angle of the jaw, below and in front of the ears.

Is it normal to have a lump behind your ear?

In most cases, lumps or nodules behind the ears are harmless. They may signal a need for medication, as in the case of an infection, but they rarely are a sign of a dangerous or life-threatening problem. Several conditions may lead to knots, lumps, bumps, or nodules behind your ears.

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Can ear cancer spread to brain?

Vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) is a benign tumor of the balance nerve within the bony canal between the ear and the brain, and sometimes grows quite large toward the brain. Treatment of very small tumors with good hearing often is “wait and rescan” in six to 12 months.

Can outer ear cancer be cured?

You might have surgery or radiotherapy, or a combination of both to treat cancer of the outer ear. These treatments cure most people.