Do cancer cells have a high or low mitotic index?


Is mitotic index higher in cancer cells?

In cancer cells, the mitotic index may be elevated compared to normal growth of tissues or cellular repair of the site of an injury. The mitotic index is therefore an important prognostic factor predicting both overall survival and response to chemotherapy in most types of cancer.

What is the mitotic index of cancer?

The mitotic index is used for tumor grading of breast and ovarian cancers [8,9]. In addition, mitotic index has been incorporated in the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) seventh tumor staging system for malignant melanoma, gastrointestinal tumor, and neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract [10].

Do cancerous cells have a higher mitotic index than normal cells?

Mitotic index is lower in patient tumors than tumor cell lines and xenografts.

Do benign tumors have a high mitotic index?

Occasionally, the mitotic rate in benign tumors may be brisk, and those with mitotic activity up to 15 mitoses/10 hpf are termed leiomyomata with increased mitotic activity (Fig. 20.81; see Table 20.7).

What is the average mitotic index?

Labelling and mitotic indices were studied in the epidermis of twenty-eight young men. A mean labelling index of 5.5% was found from the whole study and a mean mitotic index of 0.06%. Mitotic index particularly was extremely variable; indices between 0.002 and 0.438% were found in individual biopsies.

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What is a normal mitotic rate?

1 to 4 per square millimeter.

What affects the mitotic index?

The number of cells in mitosis were counted for cells from different regions of the primary root tissue. Interpretation: In general, the mitotic index decreases with increasing distance from the root cap junction.

What is the use of mitotic index?

The mitotic index (percentage of cells in mitosis at any time) provides a measure of the capacity of cells to divide and of the rate of cell division. It is used to identify the sites of growth within a tissue and to determine which cell types are dividing.

What do you mean by mitotic index?

Listen to pronunciation. (my-TAH-tik IN-dex) In a population of cells, the ratio of the number of cells undergoing mitosis (cell division) to the number of cells not undergoing mitosis.

What cell is mitosis?

Mitosis is a process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells that occurs when a parent cell divides to produce two identical daughter cells. During cell division, mitosis refers specifically to the separation of the duplicated genetic material carried in the nucleus.

What is considered a high mitotic rate in melanoma?

Mitotic rate, a quantifiable measure of tumor growth, has been shown to correlate with melanoma survival. Disease-free survival has been found to decline with increasing mitotic rate, with in-transit, nodal, and distant recurrences occurring more commonly in patients with high-mitotic-rate melanoma (≥5 mitoses/mm2).