Can benzene cause squamous cell carcinoma?

What type of cancer does benzene cause?

Long-term exposure to high levels of benzene in the air can cause leukemia, cancer of the blood-forming organs.

Can benzene Cause Skin cancer?

Does benzene cause cancer? Benzene is known to cause cancer, based on evidence from studies in both people and lab animals. The link between benzene and cancer has largely focused on leukemia and other cancers of blood cells.

When did benzene cause cancer?

Benzene-induced cancer in humans was first reported in the late 1920s. Carcinogenesis findings in animals were not reported conclusively until 1979.

How do you get benzene exposure?

People are exposed to benzene primarily by breathing air that contains the chemical. Workers in industries that produce or use benzene may be exposed to the highest levels of the chemical, although federal and state regulations have reduced these exposures in recent decades.

How does the body get rid of benzene?

Instead, try to cut off the clothing and remove it from your body as quickly as possible. Wash yourself and your skin with warm soap and water. Flush out any benzene that might be in the mouth or eyes for at least fifteen minutes.

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Where is benzene found in the home?

In homes, benzene may be found in glues, adhesives, cleaning products, paint strippers, tobacco smoke and gasoline. Most benzene in the environment comes from our use of petroleum products.

How long does benzene stay in your system?

Some of the harmful effects of benzene exposure are caused by these metabolites. Most of the metabolites of benzene leave the body in the urine within 48 hours after exposure.

Is benzene bad for skin?

Benzene is also harmful to the skin. Exposure to low levels of benzene vapors may cause dermatitis, a skin reaction characterized by dry, itchy, red skin.

What is the difference between benzene and benzine?

Benzene and benzine are not the same thing. Though they are often confused or used interchangeably in books and magazines, they are very different. … Benzene is spelled with an “e” as in dead. Benzine is spelled with an “i” as in alive.

Is benzene banned in the US?

Benzene has been banned as an ingredient in products intended for use in the home, including toys. … Most individuals can begin to smell benzene in air at 1.5 to 4.7 ppm. The odor threshold generally provides adequate warning for acutely hazardous exposure concentrations but is inadequate for more chronic exposures.

Can benzene cause breast cancer?

Benzene is chemical solvent involved in several hematological diseases, such as leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome (79). Experimental studies demonstrated that exposure to benzene can induce breast cancer (80). However, few studies on humans have shown that benzene is involved in breast cancer development.

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